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Does Vitiligo Patients Can Eat Chicken

does vitiligo patients can eat chickenQuestion: my coworker have several milky white spots on his face with the coin size, the boundary is very clear, now is still spreading, I saw him suffered a lot from his vitiligo and desperately want a cure for his vitiligo, I want to known what causes vitiligo and what attentions for vitiligo in their daily life, he is very like to eat chicken, I want to known does chicken good for vitiligo patients?

Answer: there are many factors can induce vitiligo such as genetic factor, mental factor, chemical factor, the relatively lack of tyrosinase and copper ion, infections, external injuries, low autoimmunity, environments and so on.

The chicken is a typical white meat, the medical research indicates that the Chicken and it’s extracts can improve the immunity, this opinion is agree with nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine theory. So vitiligo patients can properly eat some chicken, it is very helpful to improve the immunity mechanism. The research found the chicken can improve the immunity of people because it contains rich sulphur acid especially silkie and turkey contains more sulphur, it have stronger tonic effects than average chicken. But although chicken is good for vitiligo patients, it is also not good to eat too much, just moderate. In their daily life, vitiligo patients should change their bad diet habits such as food bias to avoid malnutrition.

The diet is only one aspect, vitiligo patients needs more is to scientifically and systematically treat their vitiligo, believe the science and medication.


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