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Does Vitiligo Patients Can Intake Vitamin C

doese vitiligo patients can intake vitamin CQuestion: I have vitiligo for a very long time, the vitiligo mainly on the my back, I already treated for a long time but didn’t get very good treatment effects, so I’m now use the medicines to treat my vitiligo, some medicines contains vitamin C, I want to known weather vitiligo patients can take medicines contains vitamin C?

Answer: vitamin C is not good for the treatment of vitiligo, many vitiligo patients confused about this. The vitamin can help to treat scurvy, the lack of vitamin C will cause scurvy, but vitamin C is not good for the vitiligo, because vitamin C can decrease the activity of tyrosinase, the tyrosinase is the necessary substance for the synthesis of melanin pigment, the vitamin C can promote the synthesis of nerve transmitter, make the tyrosine consume amount increased and cause the synthesis of melanin pigment decreased. Besides the vitamin C can maintain the activity of thiol enzyme, it can promote the thiol compound glutathione synthesis and compete the copper ion with the tyrosinase to decrease the activity of tyrosinase and decrease the tyrosinase activity, decrease the synthesis of melanin pigment. The vitamin C also can make the dopamine the substance to synthesize the melanin pigment reduce into dopa, and stopped the biological synthesis process of melanin pigment. The vitamin C not only can inhibit the intestine mucous membrane absorb the copper ion and decrease the activity of copper oxidase activity, finally will decrease the synthesis of melanin pigment. Vitiligo susceptible patients or the copper oxidase long time low patients over intake of vitamin C might have vitiligo. Vitamin C can promote the produce of antibodies or some over generate of cells, it also might worsen the autoimmune reaction, inhibit the division of the melanocyte have no function in the hair follicle and influence the treatment effects. All in all, vitamin C is adverse to the treatment of vitiligo.


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