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What Patients With Vitiligo on Feet Need to Pay Attention to When They Take a Bath

what patients with vitiligo on feet need to pay attention to when they take a bathQuestion: I have vitiligo on my feet not a very long time, but feels it expand very fast, I heard other people said the skin on the vitiligo is easier get damaged, so I’d like to ask experts what I should pay attention to when I take a bath? How to avoid the expand of vitiligo?

Answer: First they need to choose the right bath method, dipping bath is the best bath method for vitiligo patients, we all known the copper and other mineral substances are the important prosthetic group of tyrosinase, it is very good for the recovery of vitiligo. So vitiligo patients should often take mineral spring bath.

When rubdown with a damp towel do not use too much strength to rub the skin in vitiligo areas, the vitiligo patients should use soft pure cotton bath towel to take bath, they must gently when rub their skin, avoid rub with too hard to avoid isomorphic reaction to their skin.

Do not use too long time to take shower, long time take a bath is very harmful to their health. Many people might have that feeling, if they take bath for more than 30 minutes will feel very tired. The best time for vitiligo patients to take a bath should be 15 to 28 minutes, do not use too long time. At the same time over tired is also not good for the immunity of our body.

The best water temperature for them to take a bath is 40℃, this water temperature can promote the blood circulation of their skin and make them feel happy and will not scald them at same time.


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