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How Does Vitiligo Develop?

The experts has found that the beginning of Vitiligo and the severity of pigment loss are different among the patients. Light skinned people usually notice the pigment loss during the summer as the contrast between the vitiliginous skin and the suntanned skin becomes different. People with dark skin may observe the onset of Vitiligo at any time. Individuals who have severe cases will lose pigment over their entire body surface. There is no way to predict how much pigment an individual will lose, Illness and stress can cause more pigment loss. The degree of pigment loss can also be many within each Vitiligo patch, and the boundary of abnormally dark skin may surround a patch of depigmented skin.

In addition ,Vitiligo frequently begins with a rapid loss of pigment which may be followed by a long-term when the skin colour does not change. Meanwhile, the pigment loss may resume perhaps after the individual has suffered physical trauma or stress. The loss of colour may continue , for unknown reasons, the process stops. Cycles of pigment loss, followed by periods of stability may continue indefinitely. It is rare for a patient with Vitiligo to repigment or regain skin colour spontaneously. Most patients who say that they no longer have Vitiligo may actually have become depigmented and are no longer bothered by contrasting skin colour. While such patients appear to be "cured", they really are not. People who have Vitiligo all over their bodies do not look like albinos because the colour of their hair may not change or it can be dyed and eye colour does not change。


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