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How Can I Deal With The Emotional Issues Of Vitiligo?

The change in appearance caused by vitiligo can affect a person's emotional and psychological healthy and may create difficulty in professional and social intercourse and situations. People with vitiligo can suffer emotional stress, particularly if vitiligo appears on visible areas of the body, such as the face, hands, arms, feet, or on the genitals. Adolescents, who are often particularly concerned about their appearance, it can be devastated by widespread vitiligo. people who have vitiligo feel embarrassed, ashamed, depressed, or worried about how others will think aboutand react them.

Couple of strategies can help a person cope with vitiligo. First, it is important to find a knowledgeable doctor whos good at in vitiligo and takes the disorder seriously. The doctor should also be a good listener and capable of providing emotional support. Patients need to let their doctor know if they are feeling depressed because doctors and other mental health professionals can help people deal with depression. Patients should also learn as much as possible about the disorder and treatment choices so that they can participate in making important decisions about medical care.

When it comes to the social contact, people with vitiligo should be confident when talking with other people who dont have vitiligo,it can mentally help people cope with vitiligo. provides message boards and online consultation for vitiligo patients, and most members here have found them an invaluable source of support. Physicians, family and friends are another important source of support.

To sum up above, many people with vitiligo have found that cosmetics that cover the white patches improve their appearance and help them feel better about themselves. A person may need to experiment with several brands of concealing cosmetics before finding the product that works best.

Eventually, counseling with a knowledged therapist can help you to reduce your fears, improve your self esteem, and find ways to deal with the emotional and social issues that everyone with vitiligo faces. This type of counseling is covered by many health insurance plans.


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