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Principle Of V3T Treatment For Psoriasis

EquipmentThe V3T equipment is designed for preventing the recurrence of psoriasis and the treatment theory of V3T equipment is accurate and

(1)It uses Aerospace polymer light wave medical technology,fast and efficient send all human body drugs directly to Organs through
the navel and twelve meridians.remove the stubborn toxin from the internal organs, and block the recurrent mutation gene.

(2) Bilateral adjust the organism immune function,enlarge the drug effect, reduce the dosage of drugs,shorten the time of drug use.

(3)Dredge whole body Meridian,use the human machine dialogue,absorb the light energy consumption according to the demand of
the lesion,put an end to the adverse reactions caused by excessive treatment.

(4)V3T treatment can powerfully melt and dissolves the Blood poisoning which adsorbed on the Skin vascular wall 、the toxic protein
of deep internal organs and the Blood cell clearance. Meanwhile , it integrates with the therapy of TCM blood purifying to eliminate the
toxin in order to achieve the result of Comprehensive detoxification、purify the toxin and cure the psoriasis.


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