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Five Elements Full Bath With Chinese Medicine

EquipmentThe theory viscera five elements circulate with meridians, a TCM theory, is applied to cure psoriasis. From the meridians to the viscera, to adjust the viscera and balance five elements. In the same time, to remove the expel toxin and dissolve stasis, care skin and keep moist the dry skin and remove the skin toxin to cure the disease from a comprehensive point and provide a effective method to anti reoccurrence.

Heart stands for fire, liver stands for wood, spleen stands for soil, lung stands for gold and kidney stands for water, which is based on the relation of human organs(such as heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney. The relation is a exclusive and interrelated relation with each other. The viscera remove toxin, and adjust the immune system of the body. With a scientific and effective system, they conclude a book, named TCM Five Elements Full Bath with Chinese Medicine therapy. This therapy avoid the stereotyped blood heat, dry blood, and blood toxin treatments. The five elements are interrelated and against each other. With such a relation, it find the pathogeny according to the different people have different causes, so it can get the true reason and adjust the imbalance harms of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. It is a kind of therapy to cure and prevent psoriasis from its source.


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