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Waldmann UV 7001

EquipmentEquipment Introduction:

◆ The Waldmann UV7001 is the whole cabin body high-grade treatment system.

◆ It contains 40 100W radiation tubes inside of it, there are many combinations like (UVA, UVB, NB-UVB) for selection.

◆ The treatment dose of the UVA and UVB conduct are conducting separately and it also can be mixed use, the Mixed treatment of the UVA and UVB can be used at same time.

◆ The full set of electronic computer control system, simple operation, safe and reliable.

◆ Internal radiation sensor,real time measurement the Radiation intensity inside of the treatment cabin, ensure accurate dose.

◆ large treatment space,unique ventilation and cooling system to ensure good cabin ventilation, patients feel comfortable when taking treatment,

◆ adopt low voltage lamp and fast start-up circuit, effectively protect tube, extending the using life of the lamp.

◆ unique reflector design can effectively prevent the patient damaged tube , ensure high radiation intensity output, uniform illumination, short treatment time.

◆ Sophisticated manufacturing, reliable quality, without preheating, work continuously.

◆ Special control software PUVAMATE provides perfect control, management functions light treatment system, easy to learn.

◆ Management all patients treatment datas (therapeutic equipment, therapeutic regimen, treatment sitaution, etc.) for statistical analysis.

◆ multiple treatment options are available (doctor can design more treatment options according to their own requirements), the operation is simple and quick, effectively improve the utilization rate of the equipment.

◆ Treatment function of monitoring system can effectively prevent the human error of therapeutic dose and provide double monitoring of hardware and software function, ensure the safety of patients.

◆ confirmation function of displaying the patient name, prevent the wrong treatment.

◆ Password operation, prevent irrelevant personnal misoperation.

◆ The remoting operation, effectively avoid the UV radiation from stuff.

◆ Hard irradiatesite (such as: axillary, perineal ministry, hand and foot and head), please choose other products use other products (UV801, UV236, UV109, UV181/200) to irradiation supplement.


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