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Model Al8000

Model Al8000Model Al8000 is an excimer laser designed for specific dermatological disorder. The Al8000 focuses a beam of UVB that can be used to treat specific areas without exposing healthy skin. It is designed to produce a pulsed 308 nanometer output utilizing a XeCL EXcimer laser, which provides the ultraviolet energy required to treat specific dermatological disorder. It delivers the laser energy through a flexible delivery cable connected to an erogonomic Handpiece. This means that the output of UVB only treats tissue within the area of the Handpiece tip. It supplies a controlled magnitude of pulsed laser output over a specific time period. The laser power is fixed at an energy level intended for the treatment of specific dermatological disorders. The system allows you access to the Handpiece and the control panel simultaneously, and the ability to initiate laser firing with a foot control. The integrated delivery cable, the Handpiece and the Handpiece tip are reusable.


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