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The Advantages Of three Dimensional Skin CT Treatment

The Advantages Of three Dimensional Skin CT Treatment The Advantages Of three Dimensional Skin CT Treatment

Three dimensional CT skin is a complex instruments which is based on the principle of optical focusing, using three-dimensional computer tomography technology and intuitive real-time and dynamic observation of skin disease occur, development, curative effect and skin lesions of advanced detection and treatment . Here are some advantages of it:

1,three dimensional vitiligo skin CT treatment can not only quantitative compare the difference between lesions and normal skin pigmentation , providing the basis for the diagnosis of vitiligo; but also can directly scan out of the number of white spots of subcutaneous melanoma cells or whether melanin cell is existin according to the all kinds of long-term vitiligo patients , it can also monitor the condition of vitiligo treatment pigment formation , so as to provide a more scientific evaluation of the treatment effect, and also provide a reliable basis for vitiligo treatment.

2,no invasive is one of the biggest advantage, due to dispense with organize pathology biopsy, slicing, 3D CT can imaging in vivo skin surface, it avoids patients injury

3,3D vitiligo CT can real-time dynamic monitoring, it can multiple imaged to the same lesions , in order to observe the development and changes after treatment to improve, especially to observe the dynamic changes of skin blood flow

4,When conventional histopathologic examination can’t determine the position of taking material, CT skin can observe many suspicious lesions in a check without the required materials and tissue pathology cumbersome and complex process

5,In the HD display, we can clearly see the skin structure of each layer, including whether the stratum corneum barrier is complete, the increase or decrease of the skin pigment, intraepidermal blisters, fungal, a collection of pus, superficial dermis layer of collagen fiber alignment, etc., it provides an accurate and objective basis for vitiligo treatment


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