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311UVB Therapeutic Instrument

311UVB Therapeutic InstrumentTreatment principle: narrow spectrum light therapy is a new type treatment technology of vitiligo, psoriasis and other chronic diseases . Through the ultraviolet radiation of a certain wavelength,it can produce photochemical reaction or regulate the immune reaction and so on, thus, achieve the purpose of treating some refractory skin diseases.

So far, the majority of hospitals use PUVA technology, which requires the simultaneous exposure to UVA UV and oral photo sensitive tablets at the same time, however, the side effects caused by UVA and the side effects from photosensitive tablets are obvious. Narrow spectrum light black light therapy instrument solved the excessive ultraviolet radiation problem. It can not only make the patient fully accept the narrow spectrum treatment of black light emission wavelengths of light between in the 311-312 nanometer range (the range is natural light is the most uueful patrs on the human body ), but also black treatment does not need to take other ancillary drugs, it also avoids the side effect of photosensitive drugs used in traditional PUVA therapy . These characteristics make narrow spectrum black light therapy popular among the patients and doctors.

The emission wavelength range of traditional broad spectrum of black light therapy lamp is between 280-330 nm light, and clinical studies show that below 300 nm light can resulted in severe burn, and it can increase the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, the 311 narrow spectrum 311-312 nm wavelength range of light emitted light treatment is considered as the most effective and safe light.


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