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Best Treament For Hand Eczema

Best Treament For Hand EczemaEczema is a common skin disease which mainly caused by a variety of internal and external factors of the epidermis and superficial dermis layer of inflammatory skin disease. Its clinical manifestations with symmetry, exudation, itching, polymorphic and recurrence characteristics, can occur in any part of any age, any season and an allergic inflammatory skin disease. Experts pointed out that the treatment of eczema, firstly, it needs to identify the cause of eczema.

The hazards of eczema

1. Eczema cause the appearance of damage to the patients in early stage of acute eczema or sore, patches of erythema, dense or evacuation of small papules or is hard to see the naked eye blisters, serious when there is a large effusion and erosion; in subacute state, reducing exudate and scab, the affected area changed from red to bright red red, not large erosion; in the chronic state, less exudate or drying and crusting and scaling, often a mixture of scales of callus, the surface of the skin color is darker or pigmentation, sometimes less pigmented skin, especially in large part motion prone to cracks, long period of friction will cause scratching lichenoid obviously, and neurodermatitis of lichen simplex chronicus not easy to distinguish with other skin disease.

2. Intolerable itching, eczema affect patients normal life and work: eczema make people unbearable itching, regardless of which parts of the body suffering from atopic eczema, due to severe itching to patients bring great pain, and even affect the normal work, life, treatment for a long time can not cause listlessness, irritability and mental factors of obstacles. Eczema, in addition to the common Staphylococcus aureus skin infection, is relatively rare, such as herpes simplex virus infection, warts, or infectious plaques.

3. Without timely treat, eczema can cause pigment calm, affecting appearance: in the treatment of eczema is not timely or treatment unscientific result in pigmentation or scars. Traditional western medicine in the treatment of eczema, regardless of the patient, disease, prevalence in order to eliminate the surface of inflammation based, mostly used for treating, simply to are external irrigation treatment, can not solve the root at onset of eczema and allergens, it is easy to relapse; and palliatives, not from the internal treatment, combined with the drug and instrument, and mainly with oral administration of hormone treatment, long-term use can produce toxic side effects, on the human body damage is greater, and easy to rebound and recurrence.

4. Geneticaly: in the five genetic disease, eczema is among them. Eczema, like allergies, is a kind of allergic reactions, genetic probability is 50%. Eczema is likely to be inherited to their children, will have a great risk to his health.


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