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Prevention Measures Of Eczema

Prevention Measures Of EczemaEczema is common skin disease which around us, so patients need to get a timely diagnosis and treatment, we should also do a good job in nursing, try to avoid eczema aggravation. Many people do not understand fully about eczema ,they do not know what is the eczema prevention measures, in order to strengthen the understanding of eczema, here are somesimple introductions:
1, spatients hould be aware of their disease. Such as the cause of the disease, mainly, occurrence regularity, treatment, diet taboo and so on, in the medical treatment should to the doctor actively consulting. They also have to be carefully observed, accomplish know fairly well. To refrain from sick disorderly TouYi, quack investment, labor and money. As a result, the treatment will worsen the confition. Therefore, patients have to get to know some common sense understanding of their own disease.
2, Eczema patients needs to stabilize the mood. The skin is one of the "mental organ", many cases, depression, tension, anxiety, fear is bad for eczema, it can cause and aggravate the disease.
3, eczema patients need to pay attention to the diet taboo. Patients with eczema in general should be vegetarian, its easy to digest, and do not hinder the intestines and stomach, stool should be smooth day, not eat spicy, fishy launched wind of seafood and milk, eggs and other food. Some of the commonly used Jianpi dehumidification herbs, such as melon seeds, mung bean soup red bean soup, and has a good effect on the prevention of eczema. River products such as lotus, lotus, lotus, water chestnut, is beneficial to the skin.
4, living regularly, patients should ensure that the sleep time, time and rest.
5, keep the skin clean. Eczema itself has destroyed the barrier function of the skin, if you do not pay attention to keep clean will infection, inflammation, suppuration, make many microorganisms seizes the opportunity and enter, aggravate eczema symptoms and prolong the duration of treatment.
6, Eczema patients should usually wear cotton clothes, cotton clothes are soft, does not cause skin itching. Avoid synthetic fabrics and tight clothing. These clothes not only stick to the body, and may cause skin itching.
7, Eczema patients should try to avoid rapid temperature changes of eczema: rapid temperature changes may be caused by eczema reason. From the warm house into the cold outdoors, or into the hot bath from the air conditioning room, are likely to cause skin disease. Wear several layers of cotton clothing, is the best way to protect you from the rapid change of temperature.
Eczema is stubborn, so the treatment should be timely, patients should not blindly indiscriminate use, they should listen to folk prescription, this will lead todisease aggravating, which brought serious harm to the patient's body and mind. At the same time, but also pay attention to the nursing points of eczema, keep a reasonable diet.


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