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Daily Caring Of Infantile Eczema

Daily Caring Of Infantile EczemaInfantile eczema is a kind of acute or subacute skin disease that occurs in the head and face of the infant. Generally it induce after

Two weeks to three months after born, bilateral lesions mainly occurs at the position of the cheek, forehead, ears, hair week etc.. So, what is the daily care of Infantile eczema?

The causes which triggers eczema is more complex, so as the the location of the Infantile skin lesions, different age, different living environment are different, so the performance of eczema is also various. Parents should know the symptoms of the Infantile eczema

1, common type of infant eczema : exudative eczema , which is more common in babies between 3-6 months of obesity, cheeks represents symmetry of rice grain size red papules, accompanied by small blisters, and erythema connected into a sheet, exudation and ulceration, scab, special itch that scratch catch with blood scratches and bright red wet rotten face. If they dont get the treatment timely, it can be generalized to the whole body, and also keep infection. This eczema is one of the common types of infantile eczema.

2, the infant eczema is common type: dry eczema ,which is more common in 6 months to 1 year old children, the performance is often appears on the limbs, face, trunk lateral patchy dense redness, papules, hard bran dermoid desquamation and skin scales scab, no seepage, this type of eczema is one of the common types of eczema in infants.

3, infant eczema is common type: seborrheic eczema, which often occurs within three months of the baby, it often appears in forehead, cheek, glabella skin flushing, covered with yellow greasy crust, it is symbolized as the thick yellow serous scab on the head . meanwhile, it often cause intertrigo, flushing and leakage under the chin, neck, armpit and groin . It can be self healed when children start improve their daily diet after 6 months born. The classification of common Eczema in infants is not so absolute, the above three types can exist at the same time.

Here are some common useful daily care of Infantile eczema:

1. Try to find and avoid contact with allergens, parents should first observe whether the children is pediatric allergy, especially like milk, or egg and other animal protein; and parents should also observe whether it will worsen the skin condition by breastfeeding and eat fish, shrimp, crab and other animal food after , if there is any aggravation, parents should try to avoid eating these foods.

2. Try to avoid contact with irritating substances, childrens should aviod using alkaline soap , do not try all kinds of cosmetics, perfume, do not wash affected area with hot water and frequently take a bath .

3. room temperature should not be too high, do not let the sun explosure when go out , otherwise it will increase the sense of itching eczema. Frequently change the baby clothes, children are suggested to wear loose clothes ,and the cloth should not over thick or too tight, the best material of cloth is cotton shirting fabric clothes.

4 the children’s room should always keep the fresh air clear, clean and sanitary in order to avoid the dust to stimulate the skin.

5. Baby eczema treatment should be in under the guidance of the dermatologist, parents should not just blindly use antibiotic, do not casually use unilateral, prescriptions. Children can oral chlorpheniramine and calcium gluconate and other drugs to reduce allergic skin.

6. During the pathogenesis of eczema, children should not do BCG or other preventive inoculation. Meanwhile , childrens should try to avoid contact with herpes simplex patients so as to avoid the occurrence of eczema herpeticum. Baby's skin is very delicate, the very slight stimulation can make their skin allergies.


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