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The Treatment of Eczema

The Treatment of Eczema,EczemaEczema is a common epidermal and superficial dermal inflammatory skin disease caused by a variety of internal or external factors. The clinical features are symmetry , exudative features and the sense of itching, polymorphic form and repeated episode. The chronic disease can occur any stage of age, weather, especially in winter. It should treated by scientific treatments.

There are some treatments of Beijing Meidi TCM hospital.

1, The normal therapy: the eczema patients should find out the disease causes, and keep away from the elements to avoid the further stimulation. The patients should treat the attack parts and the chronic diseases, such as indigestion, intestinal parasites illness, diabetes disease, neuropsychiatric abnormalities, leg varicose veins and so on.

2, The patients should pay attention to the skin health, but don’t wash the skin lesions with hot water or soap. And don’t intake the stimulated drugs to stop itching. The wine, spicy foods should be forbidden and the fish, shrimp and these foods which are hard to be digested should also be avoided. With a regular rest and work plan to avoid overtired and mental pressure.

The above therapies can not cure the eczema totally. Meidi hospital is a professional skin hospital who apply a therapy to removing rashes with the enough rest, treatments to allergic source complements therapy. The western medicine is applied to remove the allergic elements, and the TCM is used to improve the micro-circulation of human body, which is a combined way to cure it. What’ more, our hospital has introduced some kinds of foreign advanced facility to take a diagnosis or give treatments. With many years’ clinical experience of combination therapy, this therapy has a obvious effects.

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