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What Are The Classification Of Eczema

What Are The Classification Of EczemaEczema is common skin disease in our life, there are a lot of patients who dont understand the eczema , so in life ,we must know more about eczema, eczema is a disease, because of the relatively high rate of skin disease. So what are the classification of eczema? Let us understand the specific.

What are the classification of eczema?

Infant eczema: eczema is called infantile eczema in Chinese medicine. It occurs Usually after second or third months of born. It is likely to occur in the face and skin folds, it also can affect the body. Generally, with increasing age reduced gradually to heal. But there are also a few cases continue to develop to childhood even adulthood.

Exudative eczema: it is common in obese infant and early in the cheeks, occurrence erythema, papules, herpes, it often casue due to itching scratching and revealed large quantities of infiltration liquid of red erosion surface. Severe cases can affect the entire face or body. If there is a secondary infection of visible pustules and local lymph node enlargement and fever.

Dry type: it is more common occur in thin Infant eczema. It is more likely to occur on the scalp, eyebrows and other parts, for flushing, desquamation, papules, but no obvious exudation. It is a chronic and can also infiltrate mildly plump, chapped scratches, blood scab or knot. Because of the intense paroxysmal itching caused by the baby crying and disturbed sleep.

Children eczema: eczema is a kind of child allergic skin disease. Children's skin is not perfect, the outermost layer of the epidermis cuticle is thin, rich capillary network, endothelial moisture and chloride rich, so prone to eczema allergic reaction.

Breast eczema: it is oftenfound in lactating women, areola moist, erosions, crusts, time is a bit long thick, chapped, when feeding on pain. Do not heal for a long time. Subcutaneous induration, should be considered with eczematoid cancer risk. So, the breast eczema should be alert, and it should be timely checked and treated. Above is the simple introduction of eczema, patients should choose according to their own actual conditions suitable for their own treatment, suit the remedy to the case is the best solution. Everybody know about life, timely get a perfect treatment.


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