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Is Eczema Really Contagious

Is Eczema Really ContagiousEczema is a common skin disease which is well known among the patients, the occurrence of eczema has a great harm to patients , it brings not only physical great harm, but also psychological or bad appearance . But due to the bad appearence eczema lesions, there are a lot of people are afraid of eczema ,they think eczema is contagious, and they do think it will infect others. The following detailed information will give u answer.

Is eczema contagious?

Eczema is a chronic skin disease,the patients are mainly adults and children , according to the survey, among eczema patients, 80% of patients will therefore have a sleep disorder, more than half of the patients feel embarrassed in public places , even low self-esteem, according to the different degree of eczema skin damage, it mainly manifested as erythema, papules, skin erosion, permeability fluid, scabby. Mild eczema appears only in the cheeks, forehead and scalp, moderate eczema patients with the head face, neck, hips, trunk, such as office will appear rash, eczema infection. Most of which think that eczema is contagious, but this is only the general misunderstanding usually eczema have genetic factors, if the patients ancestors has eczema,so there is gonna have a higher eczema rate among the next generations who is also going to suffer from eczema, but the disease is not contagious.

Eczema patients should prevent themself from the dry air and inflammation worsened, especially when the winter, indoor heating is enabled. The prevention of eczema to maintain the indoor air humidity should be matters to patients and their families start thinking. So patients should consider to the use of moisture, and every room should have it . In ordinary life, patients wash your clothes in water when washing clothes ,it should be more water washing powderin order to avoid skin allergies.

Temperature change is one of the important factors which fastly trigger eczema , such as from the hot house entered the cold outdoor, or from the air conditioning room into hot water bath, may produce skin disease. Patients should wear several layers of cotton clothing, it is the best plan to escort you to avoid the rapid change of temperature. Many patients with eczema is relatively light, so they can think about using diet therapy, if it get serious, patients should be treated with drugs therapy.

Warmly tip: through the above introduction ,we already know about the eczema will not infect others,the eczema could have some genetics, but now it has not found that the phenomenon of infectious eczema, so patients or their relatives should not worry about it.


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