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The Symptoms and Typies Of Infant Eczema

The Symptoms and Typies Of Infant EczemaThere are couple of typies of infant eczema, so patients have to make sure and identify which type of eczema does their children has.

Here are some common typies of infant eczema:

acute stage

It mainly onset in acute period, theskin showed most cluster of red papules and plaques, basal edema and soon become hill herpes and a small blister, blister is broken after erosion, the Yellow infiltration liquid or covered with yellowish white serous scab, thickness is uncertainty, and it gradually spread to the surrounding peripheral scattered on the hill rash, it is also known as satellite rash. Facial skin can have redness and swelling. It may be affected and merge intertrigo. Such as improper care often secondary infection can be generalized to the whole body. The children can't sleep at night, irritability, infectors can have low heat.

Subacute stage

This type of eczema often gradually reduce the acute eczema exudate, redness, scab, skin is given priority to with small papules, white scaly or a little hill herpes and erosion surface residues. The itch slightly see light for a long time, sustainable.

Chronic stage

This type of eczema often has repeat attacks, it is more common in older than 1 years old baby. Cutaneous presents as skin pigmentation, the skin becomes coarse slightly thick, few of it can occur in lichenoid . It distributes in the limbs, especially the four nest more. If the joint is in palmoplantar or chapped and pain. If treated properly, or in certain incentives, it can be acute relapse at any time, consciousness of severe itching.

Seborrheic type

This type of eczema is more common in 1 ~ 3 months baby, it often occurs on the forehead, cheek, glabella skin flushing, which covered with yellow greasy scales, the head can be a thick yellow serous scab. Later, under the chin, neck, armpit and groin can rub rotten, flushing and leakage. The mother during pregnancy often have seborrheic dermatitis or severe acne. Children generally in diet after 6 months can be self-healing.

Exudative type

This type of eczema often occurs In 3 ~ 6 month infants. it firstly appear in the head and face. In addition to around the nose and mouth is not easy to happen outside, two buccal visible symmetry small grain size red papules and small blisters, and erythema, swelling in the basement, sheet erosion, seepage, yellow serous scab thicker. Due to scratching common bleeding, yellow brown soft crust. Stripped of the crusts exposed bright red wet rotten face, granular surface, easy bleeding. Without timely treatment, to the torso, limbs and body spread, and keep infecting.

Drying type

This type of eczema often occurs In the 6 months to 1 year old children, or after acute and subacute stage. The skin showes papules, swelling, hard bran dermoid desquamation and skin scales scab, no exudation, common on the face, trunk and limbs stretch side. It often associated with different degrees of malnutrition.

The three above types of eczema can exist at the same time. Three lesions can also occur in any kind of eczema, three stages can be transformed into each other and overlap.

Due to the complexity and uncertainty, the cause of infant eczema is difficult to determine and it has repeat attacks phenomenon. So the violently scratching can be secondary to local and lymph node infection, there are very few cases can occur with systemic infection, septicemia and toxemia, fever, diarrhea, peripheral blood neutrophils increased, sometimes toxic granulation.

Infant eczema commonly known as "ringworm" which is a common skin disease which occurs among infancy. Especially more common in infants and young children, it makes often baby cry endlessly due to its itchings . Actually milk ringworm is not a "ringworm", it can be in the period of infant eczema ,and it can also be as the early manifestation of atopic dermatitis.


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