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Prevention for Babies with Eczema

Prevention for Babies with EczemaSometimes eczema can occur to babies only one month after their births. The condition sometimes serious, and after a period of time it turn better, when in the acute period, with a strong sense of itching, they cry loudly. Some patients with a repeated feature, only one time to cure the disease totally is hard. So the parents should pay attention to prevention.

Breast feeding

To ensure a healthy condition with enough nutrition, breast feeding is a advisable way for babies. After 7 months, parents can give the babies some eggs foods. Don’t give them too much foods, which can increase the burden of intestinal tract. The parents should try to find out the allergen, and avoid the intake of this kind foods and harms for babies.


Too many cloths and heat can increase the eczema condition. The cloths should choose cotton, soft and loose material types, avoiding artificial fiber. The feather pillow, quilt are mot propositional. When washing the cloths, the irritating detergent shouldn’t be used.

Living environment

The room should keep cool, ventilation and clean. In wither, we advice to use humidifier to keep room wet degree. The living environment is important for babies’ health and recovery. In this part, it is a simple and significant way to take.

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