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Types Of Eczema

Types Of Eczema,EczemaThe disease of eczema is cause by many factors, and the factors can attack many parts of the human body, so the types of eczema is great according the different causes and attacks parts.

Eczema is a kind of skin condition of rash, and it commonly refers to atopic dermatitis, which starts from the infancy stage and continue to the childhood even adulthood.

There are some types of eczema:

1,Dyshidriotic eczema

Blisters are the typical symptoms of dyshidriotic eczema, which usually attack the palms of hands and soles of patients feet. These area parts get irritation, then shows the relative symptoms of dyshidriotic eczema.


This type of eczema can be caused by bite of insect, causing a local itch. The symptoms are scaly patches on head, wrists, forehead even lover legs.

3.Nummular eczema

With the senses of itching, the skin can be scaling and crusted, and circular patches covered on the irritated skin.

4.Seborrheic eczema

The attack parts are usually on scalp and face with scaly, oily, yellowish patches.

5.Stasis dermatitis

This kind eczema usually occur skin irritation on lower legs, and it is related to circulatory conditions usually.

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