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The Symptoms of Eczema

The Symptoms of Eczema,EczemaThis kind of skin disease mainly attacks the patients face, hands and feet, wrist and back of knees, while it can affect the other areas too. It is significant to know about the symptoms of eczema for sometimes it can be mislead as psoriasis. Some symptoms of eczema is very similar with psoriasis.

There are some symptoms of eczema:

1. The felling of itching.

2. Rashes.

3. Dry, thickened, or scaly skin.

4. Lighter or darker attack skin.

5. Oozing, crusting condition (infants)

All of the attack part of skin, it usually with a sense of itching. The rashes sometimes occurs later than the felling of itching and it attack the human face, hands, feet, wrists and back of knees commonly.

Fair skin patients

The fair skin patients, their skin usually occur reddish firstly then turn brow.

Black and darker color people

The black and darker color people, the pigmentation can be influenced by the disease, causing the attack parts darker or lighter.


This type of eczema can occur a symptom of oozing, crusting condition of itchy rash. The common attack parts are on face, scalp, and the other parts also have a chance to this condition.

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