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Will Eczema Infect the Others

Will Eczema Infect the Others,EczemaEczema is a common skin disease, especially in wet seasons, which bothers many patients. We all know that there are some kind of contagious skin diseases, so many people think that eczema is also contagious. Does eczema is a kind of contagious disease? Now, let’s to know about the experts’ option.

Experts think that eczema is not contagious, which is a kind of skin inflammation disease. The symptoms of its skin lesions include multiforme erythema, papules or blisters which can combine into a film. It is easy to have exudation and the lesions line is unclear. And around there may have scattered small papules, which often accompany with erosion and crusting. If there is a secondary infection, there will appear pustules or thick scabs. From the process of eczema’s causes, disease and prognosis, we can know it is not contagious. Eczema often recurrent, if patient takes inappropriate treatment, it may turn into a chronic eczema.

Although eczema is not contagious, but it have caused a big burden for the patient's life and psychology, so they need a timely treatment. After suffering from eczema, patients should find the pathogeny in time and avoid get the next step of stimulation. Patients should also pay enough attention to skin clean and avoid using hot water or soap to clean the skin lesions, on the other hand,don’t to use irritating itching drugs randomly. Although some drugs can have a temporary itching effect, but which also cause a degree of damages on skin, so patients should take medicine under the guidance of the expert.

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