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The Attack Parts of Eczema

The Attack Parts of Eczema,EczemaEczema is a common disease whose itching feeling usually cause great sorrow for patients, which heavily influences the quality of patients. There are no obvious features of the morbidity parts of eczema, that is, any part of the body can occur the disease. The key step of the disease’s treatment is to cure target at the symptoms, so we should to learn about the types of eczema firstly.

1, Exudative eczema: it is common in obese infants, which begins on the cheeks with erythema, paplules, papulovesicle .There usually appear red exudative erosion surface for the scratching of the strong feeling of itching

2, Dry eczema: it is more common in emaciated babies which usually appear in hair of the scalp, eyebrows and other parts, expressing as flushing, scaling, pimples, but without obvious exudative symptom. So the babies often cry or can’t have a high quality sleep for the paroxysmal severe itching

3,Breast eczema: it is more common in lactating women, whose areola become moist, erosion, crusting, even thickening after a slightly longer time. They feel pain when they feed their babies. In a long term of time, it won’t appears improvement. If there is induration under skin, patients should consider the possibility of concurrent eczema cancer.

4, Anal eczema: there appear acute eczema swelling, erosions, around the anus. A chronic stage shoes infiltrative situation, hypertrophy, even with chapped symptom. With a strong feeling of itching and pain, especially in the time after patients’ defecation.

5, Hands eczema: it often occurres in the palm of your hands which are easily infiltrated and thickened. With the gradually development it occurs chapped symptom. In the ends of fingers with eczema often occur recurrent blisters, the crusted and thickened phenomenon, scaling, resulting deck rough, uneven depressions.

6, Legs and feet eczema: it is common in anterior tibial and ankle, which is often caused by varicose veins or trauma. With the symptoms of crusting, thickening, but it also accompany with erosion and flow disease water. It is stubborn to cure and easy form a secondary infection or ulcers.

7, Chapped eczema: it is related with allergies, especially the contact of stimuli things, such as detergents, soaps, dyes, paints even sunlight in daily life.

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