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Diet Taboos Of Eczema Patients

Diet Taboos Of Eczema PatientsEczema is a kind of epidermis and dermis which mainly caused by a variety of internal and external factors of the superficial inflammatory skin disease, the clinical manifestation has the characteristics of symmetry, exudative, pruritic, pleomorphic and recurrent etc. Meanwhile,it can occur at any age in any part of any season, but often occurs in winter with recurrence or aggravate exudation tendency, the treatmemt is actually a chronic course, cuz it is easy to repeated attacks. In recent years, the incidence of eczema showed a sharp upward trend, which may be related to climate change, a large number of chemical products in the life of the application, mental stress, speeding up the pace of life, a change in diet were related.

Eczema patients should avoid eating:

1. The prohibition edible: chili, goose meat, donkey meat, beef, crab, carp, hairtail, carp, eel, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, and a variety of saltwater fish and seafood.

2. Should not eat: onions, garlic, pepper, mushrooms, leeks, chicken, eggs, bamboo shoot, shrimp, rice, eggplant, potato, wild rice stem, black fungus, taro, kelp, jellyfish, mussels, seaweed, honey, pig meat, fat pork, lamb, white fungus, bird's nest and other.

3. Suggested to eat: lean pork, , duck, radish, carrot, cabbage, corn, spinach, sweet potatoes, tofu, tomatoes, Brasenia schreberi, melon, water chestnut, pea, red bean, coix seed, mung bean, wax gourd, sponge gourd, Chinese yam, Malan head, cucumber, parsley, water chestnut chestnut and loach.

Two, the fruit should avoid:

Principle: appropriate to eat fruit every day, with more traditional fruit better applicability to human body more strong.

1.suitable long-term consumption are: apple, pear

2. should be appropriate to eat watermelon, banana, Orange: orange, orange,

3. condemned: all kinds of imports, and seasonal solar term do not fit, or genetically modified fruit grafting.

Three, recommended diet formula

Red bean rice porridge jujube: red bean, Coix, red dates, the amount of 5:5:1, pressure cooker to boil congee, drank two bowls, sooner or later each time. Function of clearing heat and removing dampness and relieving itching, suitable for various allergic, damp heat type of eczema nursed back to health, healthy people with long-term use is good, suitable for family consumption.


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