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Diet Taboos Of Eczema

Diet Taboos Of EczemaAs we all known that Eczema is a skin disease that most of patients are not really familiar with, it is a stubborn refractory recurrent disease and morbidity associated with severe itching, so eczema brings a great harm to the patients, this disease is not common skin disease, apart from the necessary treatment, in patients daily diet to ,they have to pay much attention, in the diet slightly carelessness will result in serious condition, damage, then what is the diet taboo of eczema

Suggest to eat

(1) in order to maintain a normal digestive and absorptive capacity, the food should be mainly light, less salt and sugar, so as to avoid too much accumulation of body water and sodium, increase the sense of rash oozing and pain and itch, cause skin erosion.

(2) patients should choose some freash food . Such as mung bean, red bean, amaranth, shepherd's purse, purslane, melon, cucumber, lettuce and other, less fish, shrimp, beef and mutton and excitant food.

(3) always eat foods which contains rich in vitamins and minerals. Such as vegetable juice, carrot water, fresh fruit juice, tomato juice, puree, puree, etc. to regulate baby's physiological function, reduce the skin allergic reactions.

Do not eat

vegetables: which contains a special smell (mainly some of the volatile oil of plant foods are easily lead to allergies, such as said above, chives, parsley, fennel. In addition, celery, cedar and some of the vegetables is relatively easy to cause allergies.

Cereal :it is more common wheat foods: such as wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, etc.. In addition the legumes food is relatively easy to cause allergies,

Nuts: mainly as peanut based. In addition, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and other will lead to allergies. In addition, all kinds of seasoning, spices may also lead to allergies.

Fruits: it is more common peach allergy (especially peach, southern surface villi) many tropical fruits such as mango, easily lead to allergies, etc.. All of these patients should pay more attention .

Warmly tips: above is all about the diet taboo in patients with eczema, for eczema, patients must pay attention to their eating habits, develop good eating habits. This is a great help for the rehabilitation of the disease.


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