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What Are The Diet Taboo Of Eczema Patients

What Are The Diet Taboo Of Eczema PatientsThe traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the cause of eczema is mostly due to the congenitally deficient, in fetal fire damp and hot, or because of postnatal spleen and stomach transportation of dereliction of duty, resulting in damp and hot accumulate skin product. The clinical manifestations of the lesion site pruritus excessive, even unbearable itching, local moisture, erosion, flow couture, covered with scales or yellow crusts, and some thickening of the skin rough. Skin eczema the most critical problem lies in the "hot". Because of lingering damp heat evil difficult to do, so duration of the eczema is protractcal, if patients don't take care diet taboo, then excessive fill eat indiscriminately, is cure hopeless. In general, a variety of skin eczema or similar skin patients, should eat light and light vegetarian diet, it is appropriate to eat more often eat with the role of clearing the heat of the food.

Taboo foods are as follows

Avoid sensitization food: if its found allergenic foods in daily diet such as fish, shrimp, beef and mutton, poultry, pollen and so on, should be completely taboo these foods, so as not to cause allergy causes eczema aggravation or recurrence.

Avoid eating rich food delicious, fat greasy, wet food to help students.

Avoid eating animal fat, oily and fishy fish food.

Avoid from sour and spicy stimulation food, drink tea, coffee, wine, smoking, to prevent aggravating the scrapie, caused by scratching, make the skin is difficult to heal. And onions, garlic, ginger, pepper and other spicy, warm food, will consume Yin to help Yang, the patient is also a kind of stimulation, should avoid the use of.

Avoid is to help the fire warm food.

Avoid eating fried, boiled sweet dry smoked food.

Avoid tobacco and wine.

Avoid hair wet, blood, : such as bamboo shoots, rod head, beef, onions, leeks, arrowhead, pepper, mutton, Gorgon fruit,.

More than taboo, in addition to skin eczema, other skin diseases also suitable eating this way, suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis, urticaria, neural dermatitis, impetigo, prurigo, pruritus, scabies, athlete's foot, seborrheic dermatitis, paddy field dermatitis, acne and other hot and humid. Above skin disease patients should pay attention to the diet in life, so as not to aggravate the condition of improper diet.


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