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Common Taboos Of Eczema

Common Taboos Of EczemaAs we all known that the real trigger of chronic eczema is because the blood toxins (excessive heat deposition caused by the reason) , there are many patients are anxious and worried about the treatment effect and want to fine hope for successful treatment, but there are also couple of patients who doesn’t know the correct treatment, they just intake medicines blindly, which resulting in repeated attacks of eczema. The eczema experts has recommended patients should follow the premise of improving their immune function, do not drink too much, do not eat spicy food, they should drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, actively cooperate with effective medicine treatment, so that patients can achieve a complete recovery.

Here are some common taboos tips of eczema which patients need to pay attention to it:

1 try to find the root of the disease and remove it and try to avoid second contact .

2 patients should also pay attention to the daily diet adjustment, do not eat spicy food, try to avoid eating food which easy to cause allergic such as alcohol, seafood, shellfish and other food.

3 patients also need to minimize adverse external stimuli, such as hand use, use soap and wash affected area with hot water.

4 clothes should be loose, soft, avoid wearing wool or nylon fabric products.

Once patients are suffering from eczema, apartment from medications, they should also pay enough attention on their daily diet, the food must be not oily, and then also food like pungent spicy food, meat and other foods are not suggested to eat, but patients can eat fruit like: apples, bananas, oranges, etc., mango, etc


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