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What Are The Food Taboos Of Eczema

What Are The Food Taboos Of EczemaAs we all known that Eczema is a common skin disease, so once u had eczema, there are some food taboos that u need to know and avoid, there are couple of eczema experts suggests that eczema patients should avoid following food: pepper, bamboo shoots, shrimp, crab, eggplant, rice, meat, onions, garlic, pepper, mushrooms, beans, garlic, leek, coffee, cigarettes, wine, cocoa, sea food etc.. Eat less meat. Here are some food taboos which eczema patients need to pay attention to:

1 Mutton

In TCM, there are couple of ancient books which has warned us , in the early stage of the scabies, patients should eat less mutton. Eczema is also actually a sore scabies, mostly from damp. So, people suffering from acute eczema, should keep a good diet .

2 glutinous rice

When it comes to the glutinous rice, it actually belongs to Warm and sweet food, it is pretty sticky . In TCM ancient book have recorded: "eat more internal organs, it can slows down the muscles and vines. So eczema patients should try to avoid from glutinous rice

3 chicken

Chicken actually also belongs to Warm, sweet food list, although it has the effect of supplying blood and body temperature and also replenishing the internal organs, but the skin eczema often belong to damp heat evil infestation, chicken has much fat in it , it is bad for eczema patients . So patients should avoid it. Skin eczema patients eat more chicken can be easily cause skin itching, aggravate the disease.

4 eggs

It is actually a food which has function of tonic, but the skin eczema and various itching skin disease can not eat it.


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