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Can Vitiligo Patients Drink Milk

Can Vitiligo Patients Drink MilkAs we all known that as the daily life of nutrients, milk contains a variety of nutrients, it can provides all the nutrients which needed by the human body, the most important nutrients which contains in milk is protein and calcium.

When it comes to the vitiligo diet, there are many parients often ask a common question, that is “ can vitiligo patients drink milk? Is milk good for vitiligo?”Now we have got the clear answer form the vitiligo experts , that is Vitiligo patients can drink milk, because milk contains enrich protein and calcium, and Protein and calcium is the most important material basis of people’s life and health and these two nutrients are easily digested and absorbed by the human’s body, especially when it comes to the point of view of calcium absorption , it is a natural and efficient calcium supplements. People who often drink milk can strengthen the body, nutrition, beauty, prevention of osteoporosis, etc.. Meanwhile, vitiligo patients should drink more milk in summer because people are easily perspire during summer hot weather, because the milk contains about 78% of the water which human’s needs, and also milk protein and fat is very easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. So the vitiligo patients should often drink milk especially in summer.

In addition. the diet of vitiligo patients should be conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease, a reasonable diet is conducive to the rehabilitation of vitiligo. Otherwise, it will aggravate the disease. vitiligo patients usually lack of certain trace metal elements in the blood and the white spot , so tyrosinase activity of vitiligo patients got decreased, affecting the synthesis of melanin metabolism, eventually resulting in lesions. Therefore, vitiligo patients should eat more foods which contains copper, zinc, iron and other metal elements, so that the activity of tyrosinase get enhanced, and accelerate the producing process of melanin synthesis. Meanwhile, vitiligo patients should try to eat food which contains less vitamin C. Because vitamin C can reduce the level of serum copper and serum copper oxidase, affect the activity of tyrosinase,and interfere with the synthesis of skin melanin, and vitamin C can reduce the severity of the disease.

To sum up. milk contains a variety of nutrients, it can provides all the nutrients which needed by the human body, it can improve the situation of vitiligo patients, so patient should often drink it especially in the summer.


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