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The Diets of Eczema Patients

The Diets of Eczema Patients,EczemaThere are many kind of pathogenies of eczema, which bring many harms on patients. Food allergy has caused a lot of eczema patients, so the diets play a rather important role in their treatments. Now let the expert give us some guides about the diets principles of eczema patients.

1, Generally, the eczema patients should mainly take a vegetarian diet, which is easy to digest and don’t hinder the stomach’s function. The spicy food ,fish, shrimp and other seafood , milk, eggs, onion, ginger, tea and other food are forbidden. Taking some benefit spleen and dehumidification diets, such as melon lotus soup, bean soup and red bean soup which have better preventive effect of eczema.

2, Taking more foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals such as carrot juice, fresh fruit juice, tomato juice, purée, pulp, etc., which can regulate physiological function of body, and reduce skin allergy.

3, To maintain the normal ability of digestion and absorption. The diets should take less salt and sugar to avoid excessive body accumulation of water and sodium, which can increase the exudation of rash and the sense of itching, causing the skin erosion.

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