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Is Allergic Eczema Contagious

Is Allergic Eczema ContagiousEczema also called as dermatitis,which is most commonly caused by a variety of internal and external factors of having a significant tendency to oozing shallow dermis and skin inflammation allergic skin disease, its infectious, but it kind of skin reaction. Eczema is chronic skin diseases, it will continue for a long period of time and have a relapse features, some people will slowly turn for the better and no recurrence, but some people will keep on recurring, adults and children will be suffering from eczema, but children will be more serious. Eczema is usually found in the head, face and neck. Sometimes, in the crook arm and wrist and knee. Eczema of the general characteristics of acute stage with erythema, Qiu herpes, small blisters, often symmetrical distribution and repeated attacks, consciously burning itch.

Experts said that allergic eczema is a skin allergic response disease, it has a relationship with spiritual, emotional stress, the symptoms of eczema perform as skin itching, local hypertrophy surface with a small amount of dander. Spring is the issue of allergic eczema, causes atopic eczema including physiological and psychological factors, modern medicine is mainly related to low immunity. Psychological factors include excessive tension, excitement, depression, fatigue, anxiety, irritability and change of living environment and so on.

In addition to the introduction of some factors, local irritation, scratching, friction collars, allergies, eat excitant food etc. may also cause neurodermatitis. The most common site of occurrence of the hands, neck, scalp, thigh, calf and lumbosacral, with obvious skin lesions, it can also have external genitalia.

Experts believe that atopic eczema is generally not infectious, but if patients with repeated scratching, only the cause of severe lesions, there may because the skin infection spread to other places. Therefore, allergic eczema is a skin system for blood toxins and external stimuli over the radical reaction, to fundamentally solve the problem of eczema, the need to resolve the "clean blood", increase the skin's immune capacity.

However, Psychological factors play a very important role in the occurrence of eczema, the development and prognosis of eczema. Mental tension, depression, etc. the neuroendocrine function disorder, through nerve reflex or endocrine effects make the skin to different stimuli increased susceptibility, causing skin vasoconstriction, expansion, sebaceous glands secretion, arrector pili muscle contraction, or even stimulate horny formation and cell value, induce or aggravate preexisting chronic eczema.

Warmly tip: to speed up the recovery of eczema, eczema patients should be early relief the mental stress in rorder to maintain a cheerful and optimistic mood, and actively face the disease. Patients family members or colleagues should also take the initiative to care them, close to them and help stabilize their emotions, maintain a happy, must not be alienated, or patients with eczema isolation, do so contrary to their mental heavy burden, is not conducive to recovery.


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