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How Does Eczema Caused By

How Does Eczema Caused By Eczema is a skin disease, which patients can feel intense itching, it is an inflammatory skin disease, the onset of eczema causes multiple factors, internal and external factors of informal, the age, site, season are not obvious limitation so sometimes eczema can be described as anti not wins anti but if you understand the eczema for some reason, you can in pathogenic and adopt corresponding measures, it can be regarded as a prevention of eczema of the good method. First of all, we have to understand the site and some of the most common symptoms of eczema: eczema often occurs in the face, behind the ears, armpits or limb flexor side and so on some curved super hot site, distribution of the characteristics of obvious symmetrical distribution. In general, the erythema, itching.

How does eczema caused by?

The following details of the various factors caused eczema:

1 there are some types of eczema is impossible to guard against, because the reason of its occurrence is genetic.

2 microbial infection is one of the main ways to produce and infectious skin disease, eczema and some microbial infection. Staphylococcus aureus, Malassezia are eczema means of transport.

3. General medicine is oral administration is the FESCO direct contact with the skin, under the influence of some resistance, but also cause eczema may be one of the conditions.

4. Dietary factors: in the food complex, novel food everywhere occurred in that food safety is crucial, some things you can eat, but can not eat too much, some is absolutely can not eat, in modern food but also used some chemical synthetic foods can cause eczema.

5. The environment for people's health can be described as impact is not great, as is the body's first line of defense system and surroundings as soon as big changes, the skin of the human body will bear the brunt, medical research confirmed that environmental factors is eczema prevalence rate increase is one of the important reasons.

6. emotions for the body of great influence, then the impact on the skin is undeniable, especially some negative emotions such as depression, fatigue, depression will become the power of eczema.


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