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The Triggers Of Eczema In Daily Life

The Triggers Of Eczema In Daily Life,EczemaThere are many causes of eczema, now we talk about the common triggers in our daily life which are easy to find. There are some aspects we refer to irritants, food, pressure, hormones and so on.


The common irritants in our daily life can refers to the direct touch with our skin. The things we use to wash and some other product we use to keep away the hurt of sunshine. Those things include soap, shampoo, dish-washing liquids and bubble bath. Other things include the dust mites, pets even dandruff.

Weather factor

The too cold or hot temperature, high and low humidity and perspiration of exercise can also be triggers to cause the occurrence of eczema.


The daily foods we take can also be a trigger for some patients. The common foods include:


2.Nut and seed.

3. Soy products.



Stress is a cause and a trigger to worsen the patients condition. The patients who suffer from great pressure, the condition will be severe in normal cases. While the patients with a optimistic emotion, the condition will also be improved.

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