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What Are the Causes My Baby Gets Eczema

What Are the Causes My Baby Gets Eczema,EczemaIn the infant stage, the baby’s immune system is relative weak, in this period of time, they are inclined to get disease, especially the allergic disease eczema. So what are the causes for baby getting the disease?

There are some reasons why babies get eczema:


The heredity of allergic feature. The gene factor is an important internal cause for baby gets eczema. So if the parents or their family have a eczema history, the baby should be given diagnosis and prevention early.


The diet can be a allergic cause, such as the heterologous protein component in milk, egg, fish and shrimp, lamp and beef. The food additives, preservatives, drinks can be treated as allergens of eczema.


The environment can trigger eczema too. The physical factors such as weather changes, high temperature indoor, wear or cover too many cloths,over wet ,hot, or over cold, even a high frequency of taking bath can also trigger the disease occurrence.

The nutrition factors

Some of the new birth babies are triggered by the mother’s estrogen, through tray pass to them, causing the sebum increased, that is seborrheic eczema. The obesity type babies intake too much nutrition and eat too much, leading vomit,indigestion, diarrhea or constipation and other gastrointestinal function that increase the condition. It is also a cause of eczema of child.

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