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Vitiligo Patients How to Take Foot Bath

foot bath for vitiligo patientsThe people’s feet full of different acupoints, all these acupoints connect with the internal organs, the qi and blood all accumulated in that area. Good qi and blood circulation very important for our life vitality. The speed and flow of blood circulation can change their state. So foot bath is very good for the vitiligo patients.

The vitiligo patients can take foot bath every night before they go to bed with the hot water with 40 degrees can activating their blood circulation. In the winter take a foot bath can warm their stomach and remove the cold. Vitiligo patients often took foot bath can promote their qi and blood circulation, dredge the channels and collateral, relieve their cold hands and feet, dilated their capillary and promote their brain blood supply.

At the mean time take the foot bath can activate their blood flow, effectively promote the metabolism and increase the melanocyte activity finally promote the melanin pigment synthesis. Take foot bath can increase the temperature of the vitiligo patient’s body. It can soothing mood, relieve the pressure and good for the toxic gas discharge.

If the vitiligo patients after finished one day work and to take a foot bath, their kidney can liver can relaxed. If they insist to take foot bath every day, it can help them improve their sleep quality and increase their immunity.

Take a foot bath have great effects to the vitiligo patients, but there are some places they need to pay special attention to. If they have endemic neuritis or blisters on their feet, it is easier to make their wounds infected if they take foot bath. It is better for vitiligo patients to use the wooden ware to take a foot bath. They had better avoid using electric foot bath, the time of foot bath should control in 15 to 20 minutes. It is better for vitiligo patients to go to bed after they take the foot bath.

Vitiligo patients can cultivate the habits to take feet bath every night and pay special attention to the details in their daily life. They also need to receive professional vitiligo treatment at specialist vitiligo hospital, only in that way, can their vitiligo will recovered as earlier as possible. If you have any question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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