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5 Tips Treat Dermatitis Naturally

5 Tips Treat Dermatitis Naturally,DermatitisDermatitis is a common skin disease, the strong sense of itching make you fell imcomfortable. And in clinic symptoms, it can be divided into 3 types, such as the actue, subactue and the chronic type. It is a disease with the repeated episode feature, so in the treatments, you should also pay attention in daily life. Now we introduce you 5 tips to treat your dermatitis natually.

Avoid scratching

Scratching can cause skin suffering mechanical stimulation and then the skin lesions will become thick, and even cause further step of infection. Scratching also worsen your skin itching, the more scratching the more itchy felling, creating a vicious cycle, so prolonging the course dermatitis.

Avoid hot water

When the dermatitis in the acute phase, there will show the expansion of capillaries within your skin, and there will be different degrees of skin irritation, pimples, blisters. Wash with hot water or soak, which can worse redness, increased permeate worse. Thus the dermatitis patients take warm shower is appropriate, and you should avoid soak in hot water and rub forcely.

Avoid soap

Avoid soap, especially the alkaline soap, which is a chemical stimulation for the skin, and let dermatitis, eczema get more worse. For the usage of soap decontamination, the best choice is the little irritant boric acid soap.

Avoid irritated diets

Avoid spicy foods, such as pepper, wine, tea, coffee and other kinds of foods with stimulation, which can aggravate the itching .

Avoid blind medication

The process of dermatitis is a long course. Some of the dermatitis patients want a fast effects to stop the itching and pain felling. Use some of the cream and medicine without a doctor’s advice. Therefore, the dermatitis spreads.

If you can take care and pay attention from those 5 aspects, your conditon shoud get better. The fast effects medicine usually have side effects on your skin. So if we want a safe effectsm, we should not use too much cream. But the emergency condition, you can use it to ease your skin. But it can’t cure the disease normally and when you stop using it, your condition will get worse than before.

The dermatitis is a chronic skin problem, if you are still confused about the dermatitis or want some advices, you can send your problem to, or you can just consult our online doctor. With a professional treatment and pay attention the triggers in daily life, you can have a easy life.


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