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The New Integrated TCM And Western Dermatitis Treatment

The New Integrated TCM And Western Dermatitis Treatment,DermatitisThe symptoms of dermatitis are varied, which usually are divided into acute, subacute and chronic three types of skin lesions. Acute stage symptoms manifested as erythema, edema, sometimes with pimples, blisters or oozing symptoms. The subacute type are blisters, swelling, leakage reduction, crusting and scales. The chronic dermatitis may company with pigmentation or hypopigmentation, pathological thickening of epidermis, acanthosis, and dermal papilla lymphocytes. The three stages often without clear boundaries, sometimes the dermatitis patients may coexist. While some dermatitis may don’t have to suffer the three phases.

Now we have known about the dermatitis, now we will introduce you a new treatments combined the traditional Chinese medicine and the western medicine and treatments for dermatitis.

The traditional Chinese medicine theory and methods of knowledge from Western medicine can be combined to improve dermatitis clinical efficacy.

The aspects the treatments have combined. Diagnosis and treatment based on diseases.

To integrated and coordinate the two types treatment of dermatitis, and the theory to be used for each other. Disease and diagnosis’s syndrome is to use the Western diagnostic method to diagnose the accurate disease. At the same time, TCM decides typy and stage of dermatitis. This can examine the dermatitis from two different medical perspectives, and take disease process into consideration from the overall response and dynamics. then to guide treatments.

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Integrated and coordinated therapy means in different aspects to choose Chinese or Western medicine treatment from their own preferred theory. It is not a simple traditional Chinese medicine adds western medicine, but a organic complexes and complement for each other, which can often get a better result.

Focused on the blood circulation, detoxify, qi flow and blood, the method basing on the positive effects of the treatments. Find out the law of prescription to treat the dermatitis.

Maybe you never tried the traditional Chinese medicine or therapy, and never know about the Integrated TCM And Western Dermatitis Treatment, but it is a new therapy are commonly used in China to treat dermatitis and have many recovery cases. And get the treatment and take the herb medicine to prevent the recurrence, the effects are pretty good.

Every patient with different external symptoms of dermatitis, the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge of dermatitis or the Integrated TCM And Western Dermatitis Treatment, you can consult our online doctor or just send us email to, hoping we can give you a professional solution and help you.


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