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The Advantages Of TCM Treatment For Dermatitis

TCM treats dermatitis as a result of inner and outer causes. The internal causes include injuries, improper diet, over tried and the internal organs’ dysfunction, causing wet, hot and other risks. The external causes and the internal causes trigger your skin together. Then you have the symptoms of dermatitis.

With the overall concept therapy theory of the Chinese medicine treatment, to use a special diagnosis and treatment. TCM believes that the cause is within body, the skin lesions are the symptoms of the causes. The skin is the experience of your body, to see the outer symptoms to know inner organs’ problem. Most of the skin diseases are caused by the internal organs imbalance. Treat the inside causes to remove the outer symptoms. The treatments for dermatitis is also same. To adjust the inside disorders, the outside symptoms will be treated too. After treatments, to treat skin diseases.

Chinese medicine treatment treat dermatitis can regulate immune function. The modern pharmacological studies have shown that many TCM drugs can promote immune system. Many normal people without skin disease history only have a throat inflammation, and then they can get skin disease, but some other people don’t get dermatitis. The main cause is the abnormal immune function. If you can restore your immune function, the dermatitis will not relapse.

The Chinese medicine treatments are safer. Most of the skin treatments courses are relatively long, generally it takes 1 - 3 months to recovery, so our doctors choose the little toxic side effects to treat skin diseases is important. The Chinese medicine is mostly from the plant root and stem. With thousands of years clinic treatment, the traditional Chinese medicine with toxin have been removed out from the traditional Chinese medicine.

The Chinese medicine can completely remove the risk factors in your blood, to treat the root. The most of effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine are organic macromolecules, which company with a lot of active genes that can adhere to pathogenic toxins in your blood to form large complexes. To use the unique herbal detoxification function, to detox from your body. This is characteristic biggest advantage of our traditional Chinese medicine to give the treatment of dermatological.

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