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Diets, Prevention And Treatments Of Contact Dermatitis

Diets,Prevention And Treatments Of Contact Dermatitis,DermatitisContact dermatitis is also called dermatitis venenata, which is called by the contact of the external stimulation on your skin, causing inflammatory reaction. The stimulation can be divided into animal, plant, and chemical type. The chemical is the main part of the contact dermatitis.

So if you work in the chemical factory, you should protect yourself early.


In daily life, you have the sensitive skin, and there are also many triggers in life, so show keep away from the triggers. And you should also find out your allergen to get rid of them. Avoiding the scratching and stimulated drugs.


You should avoid the spicy foods and fried food. If you in the acute stage, the allergy foods, such as wine, seafood and no smoking. More fresh vegetables and fruits. Don’t give yourself too much pressure. If you have a pressure and don’t have a regular life to stay up too late. Your condition will get worse.

Proper sports are important, you can choose some sports which suit for you, such as jogging, walking and dances. When you have the strong immune system, your disease will also get better.


The treatments should have a long term effect and without side effect for your skin as well as the liver, kidney and other internal organs.

But some cream, hormone medicine do have a fast effect on your skin, but it can still occur again. We advice the herb medicine and treat the disease from the cause to detox blood.

The skin disease show the symptoms on skin, but the cause is in blood. We should do the tests for contact dermatitis, then we can find out the cause to treat it.

The herb medicine is to detox and the treatments with traditional Chinese medicine is not to treat the skin, but the cause, when the cause is removed, the symptoms will disappear. The advanced medical facility has the fast effect, to treat the symptoms of the skin is important and fast. To herb medicine is to treat and prevent the recurrence of the dermatitis. The traditional Chinese treatments are safe and long term, but it just need a period of time to show the effect.

The external symptoms of contact dermatitis are similar for every patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, we can give you a professional solution.


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