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The Critical Points in the Treatment of Vitiligo

vitiligo treatment machineIn the treatment process of vitiligo, the patient first need to persevere to the effective treatment, do not change their medicines blindly, it will brought great harm to vitiligo patients. The patients need at least insist to the treatment for about one treatment course, you can judge weather this treatment or medicine have effects or not, do not blindly change the treatment. If the patient delayed their disease, their vitiligo might spread to their whole body, the critical points in the treatment of vitiligo first need to treat it effectively.

Second, vitiligo patients also will long term take some medicines or their vitiligo might influenced by the season factor, their vitiligo have erythema, hurting, itching and daylight dermatities injuries and so on, these damages will in turn promote the spread of their vitiligo, moreover, vitiligo patients will influenced by some chemical substances. Some whitening cosmetics contains chemical substances is also need to use carefully. All these influences will cause great negative effects to their body, so we hope patients pay attention to their diet and living habits to balance their rest and work.

From the diet aspects, they can properly adjust their diet structure, decrease certain resistance in the recovery process of vitiligo.

Pay attention to these points, pay attention to the supply of trace elements, advocate to use copper tableware, eat more fresh foods, eat more pig’s liver, lean meat, beef, black color foods such as black sesame, black soya beans and so on. Avoid eating too much stimulating foods such as wines, chilies, garlic and so on. Eat less mutton, fat meat, seafood. Eat less foods rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, hawthorns, waxberries and carbonated beverages.

(1) Grow ups need avoid drinking or smoking, after the onset of their vitiligo, weather you receive treatment or not, wines and cigarettes all need avoided.

Chilies, green onions, gingers, garlic and other spicy foods can eat properly, it also can treat as seasoning.

(3) Shrimps, fishes, beef, mutton have no influence to their disease, vitiligo patients have no need to avoid eating these foods, longer term avoid eating certain foods will make their malnutrition, especially those vitiligo children because of insufficiency of protein and influence their normal growth and development.

(4) For those people do not eat vegetables only eat fishes, meats and eggs, the vitiligo children with negative diet habits should properly adjust their diet proportion.

(5) For those vitiligo patients with weight problem, they need properly control their intake of animal kind of foods. Clinical found that long term eating roast chicken will make the patients have overweight, it might related with there are growth hormone residue in the chicken, so it is need to less eat by vitiligo patients.

(6) Or those with obvious disease history because of eating fishes and shrimps or they have special physique such as heterologous protein allergy should avoid eating too much shrimps and fishes.

(7) Treat vitamin C sugar tablets as long term take health care products, because intake too much of it will influence their body normal biological function and make it difficult for the pigment synthesize, so it is not suitable to take for a long time.


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