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New Vitiligo Researches And Treatments In 2015

New Vitiligo Researches And Treatments In 2015Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition which characterized by some parts of the skin losing their pigment. It occurs when skin pigment cells lack or are unable to reduce anymore. Apart from the cases of contact with certain chemicals, the cause of vitiligo is still unknown. Doctor has proved that vitiligo may caused by autoimmune, genetic, oxidative stress, neural, or viral causes. The illness impacts both male & female without age limit and competition elegance. The illness can be made an appearance in any age. Overall vitiligo impacts 40 to 50 million individuals of world with the amount range of 1 to 2. There are different medical treatment options has been discovered by medical research that can improve the condition of the viitligo.

When it comes to the Leucoderma, there are couple of options can improve it.But the latest vitiligo research has showed that: To treat this skin disease, the paste which made of radish seedsa and mixing with vinegar is strongly advised to applied over the affected area for a better improvement and a better beneficial results. When it comes to the Skin disorders: it is a problem which related to ring worms blackheads dermatitis. The paste of the seeds of radish mixed with water is strongly advised to applied over the affected area regularly ,and it may help to improve the current situation.

However, there are another factors which cause the Leucoderma, that is High Cholesterol Level: when it comes to the cholesterol level,the best way to cure it is having a regular consumption of black radish juice in their the diet , it directly helps in reducing the cholesterol levels (the cause of vitiligo patches)in the body.

When it comes to the latest treatment for vitiligo, there are couple of Natural Treatments for Vitiligo in 2015. Firstly, it is conventional Treatment: There are several conventional treatments available for vitiligo .The conventional treatments of vitiligo are as following:

1,Corticosteroid therapy- This is one of the most popular allopathic treatment which can keep curative effect for three months. It is proved that the symptoms reduce for a short time. However there are also some cases of recurrence where the condition turns in a more aggravated and complicated situation.

2,UVB light treatment for Vitiligo has went through a improvement of technological and medical application. It has resulted in the use of narrow band UVB spectrum in the treatment of Vitiligo. The use of this narrower spectrum has proved that the technology has eliminated all the UVA radiation on its application. Meanwhile,on the other hand,It also proves that most of the UVB spectrum can also be eliminated. Eventually, there gonna be more precise and specific wavelength narrow band UVB spectrum which gonna have the best results and the smallest side effects for vitiligo treatment.

When it comes to the medication treatment of vitiligo, there are various medications are avaliable.Among there vitiligo medications, the herbal medicines useful for vitiligo has a special effect in vitiligo treatment. It is applied on the skin with a paste or oil form and the affected skin parts are exposed for a few minutes to the mild of the sun rays . There are also couple of powder or tablets oral consumption for vitiligo. Some doctors prefer to give this medicine to patients in gradually increasing in few weeks rather than give it often, becuase the medications also have some side effects and also a person who often intake the medication can destory his Immune system and Antibody as well.


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