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What Is Foot Dermatitis Symtoms

What Is Foot Dermatitis SymtomsAs we all known that foot dermatitis is not just a single disorder but also a inflammation of the skin, It is characterized by itchy, erythematous, vesicular, weeping, and crusting patches.Meanwhile, its also one of the categorization of dermatitis which affects the hands unusually because of couple of causes.

Patients are often founded with isolated dermatitis of the foot.There are couple of Causes which lead to the foot dermatitis, the main cuases are as following:

1,Contact dermatitis which has a close relation with the foot and hand and dace dermatitis.

2,Fungal infection, which infect the cells and body system especially on hand and foot.

3,Psoriasis,a autoimmune disease which indirectly affect the hand and foot dermatitis.

4,Scabies, a contagious skin infestation which generally affect and cause foot dermatitis.

In addition, there are some other causes include systemic viral infection in children (hand-foot-and-mouth disease) or hand-foot syndrome. Some cases are idiopathic.

When it comes to the symptoms of the foot dermatitis, there are couple of factors which can lead to it like:Small, deep blisters can appear on the feet, especially the soles, and it is considerd as a sign of foot dermatitis.

extremely burning or itching are also considerd as foot dermatitis symtom.

1, Skin between the fingers forms as soften; skin may feel spongy -- this is a sign of foot dermatitis.

2,Affected skin prestents :reddish and feel pain to the touch can be a sign of foot dermatitis as well.

3, Affected areas may sweat excessively, and can be a sign of foot dermatitis.

4,Meanwhile, the cracking and peeling skin can be a symtpm of foot dermatitis.

5, Skin may become infected which characterized by couple of oozing blisters and crusts.

6, Extensive peeling and cracking on foot.

7,The nails may thicken and discolor, and this is often a symptom of foot dermatitis.

To sum up, foot dermatitis is not just a common type of dermatitis, it can cuase couple of serious problem and some potential risky factors.So the patients should pay enough attention on it. And follow the suggestion of the doctor.


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