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What Is The Hand Dermatitis

What Is The Hand DermatitisAs we all known that hand dermatitis is kind of skin disease which characterized any type of dermatitis that particularly develops on people’s hands. It is commonly job-related and can be worsen by couple of factors such as: frequent hand washing and direct or indirect exposure to chemicals. Hand dermatitis need to get serious attention by people, and it needs to a specific testing and treatments as well.

In addition,hand dermatitis is a common condition which only affect to 10% of the patients. There are couple of combination factors which directly results the hand dermatitisuch as internal ( genetic make-up), and external ( contact with a stimulus and allergens like:chemicals). The nature of some stimulus chemicals indicates that there are couple of jobs like cleaning, catering, hairdressing, healthcare and mechanical work which particularly can cause hand dermatitis.

However, the hand dermatitis is an inflammatory condition , meanwhile it is not contagious, but it can still can badly effect on people’s work, social lives .

The main symptoms of hand eczema are as following:

1,slightly Pain

2, feel Itching


4, the fingers or palms make appears Cracks

5, sometimes feel Dry

6,Blisters when it get affect

When it comes to the types of hand dermatitis,there are various types. However,there is also a specific type of hand eczema called

pompholyx .The cause of pompholyx is still unknown and it appears more commonly among women.when the patients gets pompholyx , it shows small blisters on the palms of the hands.It can not be cured fully, and its very difficult to treat it effectively.


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