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What Are The Causes Of Dermatitis

What Are The Causes Of DermatitisAs we all know a fact that when it comes to the causes of dermatitis, the causes are vairous.But there are two major types of contact dermatitis: first, an allergic reaction to a common family or environmental substance, and, second, an inflammatory reaction to a strict chemical stimulation.

Causes of contact dermatitis

Some risky substances that can cause contact dermatitis are as following:


Houseysing chemicals such as soaps, cosmetic ingredients, cleaning products

Industrial or workplace chemicals


Stimulation Plants

Causes of atopic dermatitis

The causes of atopic dermatitis are still unknown. Condition of atopic results as a unique combination of three factors: first, environmental influences, such as stimulates and potential allergens; second, immune system and, in particular, immune system’s sensitivity to stimulate in the environment; and, third, family history of atopic dermatitis. Some common triggers that can cause atopic dermatitis are as following:

Emotional stress

Cold weather and dry air

temperature changes (hot to cold or the reverse)

Over washing of the skin

Exposure to fumes or harsh chemicals, such as alkaline materials, solvents, or acids

Exposure to household irritants, such as certain soaps, detergents, fabrics, and cleaning products

Wool sensitivity

What are the risk factors for dermatitis?

There are couple of factors which directly increase the risk of developing dermatitis. Not all people with under risk of dermatitis. Risk factors for dermatitis are as following:

Family history of allergies

Individual allergen sensitivity

Family asthma history

Family dermatitis history (specifically, atopic dermatitis)

Working or living under the chemical or stimulating environment will trigger the cause of dermatitis.


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