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The Three Vegetable For Your Dermatitis

The Three Vegetable For Your Dermatitis,DermatitisThe dermatitis patients should also take more vegetables and fruits which can help prevent or treat your dermatitis. We all know that, while there are many causes for dermatitis, in the same time, there are also many fruits and vegetables. But how to prevent dermatitis?

There are 3 types of vegetables to prevent the dermatitis, such as bitter gourd, tomatoes and leeks.

The bitter gourd contains quinine-containing material, which with detoxification, dampness itching effects. You can eat it to ease your skin lesions.

The another type of vegetable is tomato, which is not only rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin E, it also contains malic acid, phosphorus, iron, citric acid and calcium and other contents.

It has the function to ease cough, protect stomach and promote digestion.

Leek is rich in carotene, iron, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, fiber and other contents. It has the effect of detoxification.

When you are to treat your dermatitis with drugs, you should take your medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor. Many drugs will have side effects, to avoid the other adverse effects the dermatitis health is the first important thing.

To avoid the rapid temperature changes, which can be the cause of dermatitis. From the warm room to the cold outdoors and from clod air to hot water bath both can lead to skin diseases.

Cotton clothing is good for skin disease patients. Because the cotton clothing is relative soft, which won’t cause your skin itching. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics or tight clothing, which is not only stick your body but also may cause dermatitis itchy skin.

In addition, you should also avoid spicy foods, fish, shrimp, seafood, onion, pepper, strong tea, coffee and other diets which can worsen your dermatitis.

What’s more, any skin disease is related to your immune system, so to fight with the disease you should have your sports to increase your immune system.

The pressure can worse your condition, there are many clinic cases who have a easy emotion and cooperate with the doctor’s professional treatments, the effects are obvious. But they patients who are scared of the disease may get worse, and unhappy to get any treatments, the disease get more severe and the other areas of skin also get the skin lesions. There is no such need to worry, there are too many patients who also suffer from dermatitis, and there are many different treatments from different countries.

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