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Which Kind Of Vegetables Are Good For Dermatitis

Which Kind Of Vegetables Are Good For DermatitisWhen it comes to the vegetables which are good for dermatitis , The dermatitis experts have given a clear answer for it, the dermatitis is actually a allergic reaction which genetic allergic constitution to some certain factors in the environment. The exact cause of dermatitis is still unknown, So far, experts believes that dermatitis is linking with genetic and immune abnormalities . In fact, food can not only provide a variety of materials which our body need, but also have a effect of prevention and treatment of vitiligo, Meanwhile,the experts suggest that patients with dermatitis should eat the following three kinds of vegetables appropriately in order to help treat dermatitis .

1,Leek : leek contains rich carotene, vitamins, phosphorus, iron, protein, cellulose, etc.. Leek also have detoxification effect, so the leek juice can treat dermatitis.

2,balsam pear : balsam pear contains rich quinine. It also has detoxification effect, it can remove dampness and relieve itching. Meanwhile , it can be used for treating disorders of toxic heat, boils, prickly heat, eczema etc.

3, tomato: tomato contains rich vitamin, nicotinic acid, also contains malic acid, citric acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and tomato base and other has cough fluid, cooling blood and liver and other effects. The fruit acid in tomato has protective effect on vitamin, so it can effectively replenish the vitamin. Tomatine has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, reducing vascular permeability, so the topical tomato juice has a effect of reducing itching during the dermatitis treatment.


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