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Relationship Of Dermatitis And Mental Stress

Relationship Of Dermatitis And Mental Stress,DermatitisAccording to the survey that more and more urban white-collar workers get skin disease, such as dermatitis and eczema. The people suffering from dermatitis are common. As we all know, the white-collar jib’s pressure is great. This is a sigh that dermatitis may have a close relationship with stress.

In many clinical cases, many patients have repeatedly rash, itching condition. If without a timely treatment, the disease will become serious, and spread to the other areas. And the exposed skin rash on the skin surface can seriously affect your social activities. The intense itching can lead to improperly rest and work. In addition, most dermatitis patients with anxiety about itching, rash with repeated episode feature, and you don’t know when the symptoms will come back.

The main symptoms is itching of dermatitis. It is a disease with recurrent feature. Additionally, it can also show blisters, erosion, infiltration, crusting, scaling, hypertrophy, chapped symptoms. Most dermatitis can detect the pathogens. There are also some patients still can not find out the cause, the incidence of such type of dermatitis, which may have a close relationship with environment and psychological factors.

The pathogenic of dermatitis also include other factors, such as the exposure to chemical agents, cosmetics, dyes, animal touch, metabolism, and psychological factors. Office with complex interpersonal environment, intense competition and heavy work pressures, so the white-collar workers are under enormous psychological pressure and the dermatitis are easy to occur again and again.

Dermatologists introduce that due to the intense itching, so patients scratch the areas may cause secondary infection. They also accustomed to using some anti-itch creams, but it is to solve the surface problem, and rashes will return later, and some creams contain borneol, mint ingredients, these ingredients itself are allergens.

The pressure normally worsen your condition, and when you have a easy emotion, your condition usually get better. And some dermatitis can’t find out the causes of the dermatitis, it is considered that pressure is the cause. If you can distract your attention from your disease, you will feel good.

If you still want the further knowledge of dermatitis, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, and we can give you a professional solution. And dermatitis is a common skin problem, but if you don’t take care of the prevention, it can cause great influence on your daily life and work.


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