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The Hazards Of Dermatitis

The Hazards Of DermatitisAs we all known that dermatitis can not only affect our physical health, but affect our appearance as well, what are the hazards of dermatitis? this is what patients most concerned about and care about . Here are some hazards of dermatitis:

1, strongly pain, affect the normal life

The reaction of most plants types of dermatitis patients is lightly, but there are some certain parts of the body have sensation, pain, tingling, itching or skin tight feeling. Also there are some small parts of the atopic dermatitis patients, the symptoms respond strongly, whole body feels uncomfortable, which appears petechiae, blisters or bullae, serious situation may also appears skin ulcer and erosion, blister fluid may represents pure color, may, and may also appears with the blood. Severe cases may even appear nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and other chain reaction.

2, badly affect the appearance

The longtime incomplete treatment of Dermatitis can be gradually expanded, badly affecting people's appearance, and even cause dysfunction of the body. Cosmetic dermatitis patients only have light skin itching , a little scattered red papules, erythema, and mild swelling expansion, when it comes to the severe cases, the local skin gets edema, and with diffuse erythema, and the different sizes of the water scar and permeability fluid erosion. The clinical characteristics of contact dermatitis are as a distinct edge damage had occurred at the site of contact, mild edematous erythema, severs cases with papules, water and even big pimple scars, more severs patients can have epidermolysis, or even necrosis.

3, the skin damage, probably infected with other diseases

Because of the long time scratching, the skin gets damage, it can cause skin inflammation, and then infect with other diseases. It mostly appears in the neck, and can also be found in the upper part of the upper eyelid or elbow. Because of itching, after patient keep scratching, it causes local moss fertilizer thickness , due to scratching, it can infected local impetigo, folliculitis, furuncle swollen, serious person can erysipelas.

4, cause mental disorders

Due to Long time incomplete treatment, dermatitis can cause mental disorders. Long time incomplete Seborrheic dermatitis treatment, the sebum overflow, accumulate at the surface of the skin and hair follicle. It is easy to cause bacterial infection, serious cases of bacterial infection can cause the destruction of the hair follicles, so that the hair won’t growth, and ultimately hazards is may cause hair loss or alopecia areata.


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