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Does Seborrheic Dermatitis Cause Hair Loss

Does Seborrheic Dermatitis Cause Hair LossAs we all known thatwhen it comes to the seborrheic dermatitis, it is a skin condition which directly cause hair loss and the formation of scaly patches on the skin. Whatsmore,The patches of seborrheic dermatitis are itchy and inflamed, and it can lead the skin to flake. If seborrheic dermatitis develops to the scalp, the follicles that are affected by the dermatitis will shortly arrest producing hair grouthing and lead to hair loss or thinning. It can cause hair loss in different degrees; however, when the condition is treated well, the follicles can produce hair again as normal.

Seborrheic Dermatitis effects On The Scalp and Hair

When it comes to the hazards of seborrheic dermatitis , it can causes redness and irritation of the affected skin if it keeps overgrowth . air

Although seborrheic dermatitis does not directly affect hair growth,but if hair follicles are inflamed by dermatitis, it will not grow hair any more. However,If there are few small patches on the scalp, there isn’t be a very noticeabl hair losse . In a word,the more patches appears on the scalp, the more increasing the amount of hair loss.

In addition. Skin cells from the flaking patches and oil can catch the follicle so that it can not help for hair growth. the follicles become irritated rather than growing hair like normal. Reducing the amount of oil will help prevent clogging of follicles, and it will help in reducing the amount of affected scalp which is causing irritation to the hair follicles.


When it comes to treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, There are couple of medicated shampoos and treatment shampoo are available for dermatitis of the scalp. Someof them have function of anti-fungal properties which can reduce the amount of malassezia on the scalp. , the irritation and inflammation are reduced with the decrease in the yeast. As for the treatments , doctor also suggest that the seborrheic dermatitis treatment also need include some ingredients which directly target the production of sebum.

The daily used medicated shampoos can help to reduce dermatitis scalp to loosen the patches of skin before treating the scalp. Some treatments also include the use of anti-histamines to reduce the itching and cortisone or steroids to reduce the number of inflammation. When the scalp condition is under control, the hair will grow normally.


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