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What Is The Dermatitis Perioral

What Is The Dermatitis PerioralPerioral dermatitis is skin disease which characterised by various small papules, and the pustules and vesicles which localized to the perioral skin , perinasal or nasolabial folds , or perioccular area. However, When it comes to the onset crowd, It most commonly affects women between the ages of 20 and 45 years, but it may affect children as well, men and the elderly.It has a tendency to recurrence in people who have had it before.

What Causes Perioral Dermatitis?

There are various factors which directly cuase the perioral dermatitis.But when it comes to the exact cause of perioral dermatitis, it is still unknown. However, it may caused by applying the topical steroid creams to the face to treat some other conditions.

What Are the Symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis?

As we all known a fact that perioral dermatitis can directly lead to bumps around the skin of the mouth, and eyes , nose, and forehead appears rash .

In addition, The symptom usually is characterized by an uncomfortable burning sensation around the mouth.

What Is Perioral Dermatitis Diagnosed?

As we all known that, perioral dermatitis is diagnosed based on the skin's appearance. In some cases, a cultivate of bacteria may be needed to eliminate the possibility of infection.

What Is The Perioral Dermatitis Treatment?

When it comes to the treatment of perioral dermatitis, the most important thing is stop using all topical steroid medications and facial creams. Find a right doctor timely.

In addition, some medication like oral or topical antibiotics or a combination of them can be used as an anti-inflammatory drug.


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